Sun City Appreciation Night


To: GHS Volleyball Booster Club members,
Coach Richardson & 2016 Lady Eagles Volleyball Team

Over the last several years the GHS Volleyball Boosters have honored the Sun City Eagle Boosters with a special Sun City Night at a Lady Eagles volleyball game. They have all been different each year, but on behalf of all the Sun City Eagle Boosters that were in attendance, and those that could not be there, Sun City Night, September 20, 2016 was GREAT.

The goody bags with the Thank You team picture attached and filled with a bottle of water, cookies and the blue and white pom-poms, that were placed on every seat in the “Sea of Blue” section on the visitor’s side, and the blue and white balloon decorations made us instantly feel very special.

Then when the Varsity Players came over to greet us, pass out their decorated and signed volleyballs of all sizes, and their handmade cards with individual notes of thanks and appreciation, was beyond great. If that was not enough, Coach Richardson’s tribute to the Sun City Eagle Boosters before the player introductions, topped the night off with a special Thank You from her and the team. What an honor to see the players, parents and students standing giving a loud applause to show their appreciation. This night will be remembered by each and every one of the 35+ Sun City Eagle Boosters that were present.

One of the girls wrote in her card “Georgetown volleyball has the greatest fan section in the state of Texas, all thanks to you”! We want you to know that one of the reasons we come to the matches is because Georgetown Volleyball has the greatest girls playing volleyball in the state of Texas, all thanks to you, your parents and your coaches. We love watching you play, and you have our unconditional support for the rest of this season.

Below are some individual email messages from Sun City Eagle Boosters:

Jim & Karen Chapman
We appreciate the attention at Sun City Night but we most of all want you to know our support for you girls is unconditional. We appreciate the long hard hours that go into preparation for each game and we know that you are learning things that will help you the rest of your life. Have fun, learn at least one new thing each game, and always remember EFND. We always enjoy seeing you play and the positive manner that you represent GHS. Thank you all for your contributions to the team. Be proud when you have done your best..

Dick and Jerrie Witte
They really made us feel special

RG & Kay Wyckoff
We were impressed with the decorations, pom-poms and snacks at Tuesday’s game. Even without them we would be there to support your efforts — but it makes us feel more a part of the effort. You all and coach Richardson make us proud and we love seeing you win, or we share your pain when you lose. Either way, we are there with and for you.

Ann & Jerry Sang
We thought the blue and white balloons were classy, and the gift bags with pompoms were a lot of fun, and yes, we do plan on using those a lot in the future! The team photo is a great keepsake.

Mike, the “booster seat” guy
I cannot thank you enough for the everything you did to make the Sun City night a special memory for everyone who attended the match Tuesday night. The visual impact when we walked in, from all the balloons, and decorated “goodie bags.” was truly impressive. It means a great deal to us that you all took so much of your valuable time, to take pregame pics, to place all those signs (I especially liked the “rah, rah, rah!”), and the decorated volleyballs thrown our way. And what do you mean, “Fun City? Anyway, all the personally decorated cards, and Jenny’s pregame comments, really touched some of us in a special way. It was a tough match, but isn’t it more about the friendships you build, the special bonds, and the character with which you play, than winning or losing? Even one of the CC parents told me, “These kids are so lucky to have such great fans that support them,” I said, “Yeah, aren’t we lucky to have such great kids to cheer for?” I am so proud to be a Georgetown fan. Love you guys!

Sandy Dolan
When I walked in the gym my heart leaped seeing the balloons, presents and welcome signs, it felt like a party! It made me so happy and ready for some volleyball! I was happy the junior varsity won and was really cheering for the varsity-playing so hard for 5 sets must have been exhausting! But eagle fight never dies! Love you girls, coaches, and your parents who are so devoted to your lives. You’ll look back at your volleyball days and all the lessons you learned. Best wishes to all.

….. Larry Plyter
Thank you all so much for a great tribute to our Club on Sun City Night. The evening went by so quickly, but will live for a long time with me and others that were there. The decorated stands, the signs, the players individual thank you cards and decorated volleyballs, and the personal thank you by Coach Richardson in front of everyone were priceless. The match itself, as disappointing as it was, will soon be forgotten, but all that love and appreciation you gave us will long be remembered. Good luck to the team for the rest of this season, have fun and keep playing as hard as you can in every game, and you will all be winners.
To every GHS Volleyball Booster Club member, every coach and manager, and every player, THANK YOU for giving US a very special night. Eagle Fight, Never Dies!

Sandy Dolan, SCEB Volleyball Activity Director
Larry Plyter, SCEB President



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